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Spray paint dispensing valve is what kind of dispensing valv

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Spray-paint dispensing valve is a direct rubber valve specially used for paint. It has the same working principle as piezoelectric dispensing valve. Spray-paint dispensing valve is a domestic valve. The cost of this valve is not as high as that of imported dispensing valve. The only shortage of service life is only two to three years. There is no difference between spray-paint dispensing valve and piezoelectric dispensing valve.
Cost and speed of spray dispensing valve
The spray-paint dispensing valve can be used as the control valve in the painting of hardware ornaments, which can realize the paint spraying. The spray effect is also in place. The production speed is fast and can reach 1000 mm/s. It is one of the fastest spray-paint dispensing valves at present. The general cost is between 30,000 and 50,000. This is the price of single solution, the price of double solution is between 60,000 and 80,000. The cost of demand is still quite high, but the production cost is also very high. If the cost of investment and research is high, the selling price will be so high. To paint the hardware ornaments, spray dispensing valves and spray dispensing valves are best used.
视觉ab胶www.668866.com Introduction to the characteristics of spray paint dispensing valve
What kind of dispensing valve is paint spray dispensing valve? This is a high-precision and fast dispensing rubber valve. It can dispense glue quickly. The automatic dispensing machine of visual AB glue can realize hardware and video painting. It relies entirely on spray dispensing valve and CCD visual control device. It has good sealing effect and is popular with manufacturers. It won't cause problems of gum dropping and gum leakage. It can realize quick dispensing function. This is the pronoun of spray dispensing valve, fast and accurate. Fierce.
In fact, we have to come to our dispensing machine manufacturers to see what kind of dispensing valve spraying dispensing valve is. Only when we see it for hardware ornaments painting can we know what kind of dispensing valve it is. The combination of CCD visual control device and the linear improvement of painting spraying technology are due to the effect of parts of visual AB automatic dispensing machine. It is also the reality of visual dispensing machine that can give full play to the spraying dispensing valve. Effect.