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Visual gluing machine can paint hardware products and orname

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Which kind of glue coating machine technology for hardware ornaments can meet the anticipated requirements? It is recommended that you use visual glue machine, micro-control glue technology and spraying technology to meet the technical requirements of low-viscosity glue spraying. Paint belongs to low-viscosity glue. Visual glue machine sprays hardware ornaments under high pressure. Paint sprays out from spraying point valves and will stick to ornaments directly. There will be no flow.
Painting on Hardware Jewelry
五金饰品上漆 The spray dispensing valve is a member of the spray dispensing valve. It is mainly used in paint spraying. It is also controlled by piezoelectric method and sprayed under pressure of air pressure. There are two similar spray dispensing valves, the first one is directly connected to the pressure barrel, the second one is directly connected to the dispensing syringe, and the second one is used for products with less quantity. For example, PCB board gluing is recommended for painting on hardware ornaments. The second way is to directly connect the pressure barrel. The greatest advantage of using the pressure barrel is that it has more reserves. The visual glue dispensing machine is equipped with 25 liters of barrel, which is quite good for storage. Store 25 liters of paint, spray paint together from morning to evening is OK, if the use of large, you can choose the corresponding pressure barrel type.
Requirements for Painting of Hardware Jewelry
Micro-control glue technology in the current dispensing market, that is, visual AB glue automatic dispensing machine is better, other ordinary glue can not meet the hardware jewelry painting, unless a large amount of glue is required, will choose ordinary coating equipment, and hardware jewelry will be coated on it, is a thin film, can only be achieved by using visual glue dispensing machine and spray dispensing valve technology. Its type of machine is very difficult to complete the task, hardware ornaments paint or choose to have a good spray painting process is even more oh.
Microglue Control Technology
Micro-control glue technology is generally using low-viscosity glue to spray glue, high-viscosity glue is difficult to spray paint, so micro-control glue technology can mainly be achieved by micro-glue, spray paint process development, so that hardware products and jewelry painting effect is easier, visual AB glue automatic dispensing machine technology can achieve spray paint process technology, can meet the industry very much. Many, especially the visual gluing machine which has been equipped with visual control technology, the effect of painting on hardware accessories is really great.