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Types of Visual and Desktop Spraying Equipment

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The classification of spraying equipment can be divided into visual type and desktop type. If carefully divided, it can also be divided into floor type, online type and desktop type. There are still many types of spraying equipment. Let Xiaobian analyze and analyze all these types of spraying equipment for you, you can better choose spraying equipment that meets your needs. This is also good for manufacturers'production.
On-line Visual Spraying Equipment
在线式视觉喷胶设备 Visual spraying equipment is one of the highest equipment of dispensing technology at present. There are online and landing types. Online visual spraying equipment can be used in assembly line production. There is no need for manual assistant production of automatic spraying equipment. With assembly line mode, automatic production can be realized. There will be mechanical arm assistant production, there will be no need for manual, and glue flow regulation can be automatically controlled. There is no requirement for packaging structure, any of which is on-line visual spraying equipment.
Ground Visual Spray Coating Machine
落地式视觉点胶机 Ground-type visual jet glue coating machine needs manual placement of products, but does not need to be arranged. Watch chain coloring is to use ground-type visual jet glue coating machine, directly put the finished products on the working platform, the machine can automatically identify and color, super-large worktable can place products, and there is no requirement for position placement, with automatic spray valves, can be in 1. It completes the colouring of the watch chain in seconds, adjusts the glue flow accurately, and has no requirement on the package structure, so it has good control quantity.
Desktop Jet Coating Machine
Desktop spraying equipment is better than ordinary automatic dispensing machine, and the adjustment of glue flow is similar to that in front of it. Because all of them use automatic spraying valves, they are different in operation, need to place products manually and need fixtures, so the production will become more troublesome, and the packaging structure will also require some requirements, but they need low cost and the effect of desktop spraying machine. Still good, can achieve better dispensing effect.
At present, the three types of spraying equipment are more classical, representing the strength of dispensing equipment, and the three machines involve all aspects of spraying technology. This is the three spraying equipment I want to talk about today.