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Is there any equipment for circular coating technology?

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Coating equipment can realize a variety of dispensing technology, mainly because of the three-axis manipulator, using three-dimensional space mode to achieve circular coating technology, only with X, Y, Z axis coating equipment, can basically achieve circular coating technology, using X, Y axis to move back and forth, to achieve circular coating technology, as long as the three-axis coating machine can achieve.
Structure of double-head sprayer
Dual-head spraying machine belongs to six-axis spraying machine, XX, ZZ and YY axes, which are double X-axis, double Y-axis and double Z-axis. It can simultaneously coat two products with single-liquid dispensing valve. Moreover, the effect of glue spraying is good, and the circular dispensing technology can be satisfied. However, this double-head spraying machine mainly applies linear and point-to-point dispensing. The two-axis dispensing method is not flexible enough, so it is also used. It is necessary to select gluing equipment according to the actual situation.
Machine capable of realizing circular gluing technology
双头热熔胶机 Round gluing technology can be realized as long as it is three-axis gluing equipment. At present, the gluing equipment basically belongs to. Tell you how many types there are, such as standard three-axis gluing machine, non-standard three-axis gluing machine, floor gluing machine, spraying gluing machine and visual spraying machine. These are gluing equipment that can use circular gluing technology. They have many types and can meet various industries. Requirements for gluing, such as carton gluing, mobile phone shell gluing, refrigerator gluing, relay gluing, electronic gluing and so on. Especially the horn package and buzzer dispensing used in circular gluing technology.
Single liquid dispensing valve
三轴点胶机 The use of single-liquid dispensing valve is also used with the dispensing machine. In fact, whether circular dispensing technology can be achieved depends on the type of machine. The effect of glue spraying is decided by the single-liquid dispensing valve. If you want to achieve which dispensing requirements, you need to configure which dispensing accessories and platforms. Dual-head spraying machine can achieve rapid dispensing, but it needs two non-complex products, so the effect can be improved. The most obvious, circular coating technology is the same, the use of three-axis coating equipment, can achieve faster speed.