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Special glue coating machine for dispensing of loudspeaker v

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The use of dispensing equipment in loudspeaker industry is already a common way. In order to be fixed, dispensing equipment is needed in loudspeaker voice coil. The sound quality is also improved. The combination of voice coil and sound film is stable, the voice is crisp and powerful. Some loudspeakers are expensive, and the quality and gluing method are high. They can produce high-quality loudspeakers and use propolis dispensing. What automatic glue machine?
Machine for selecting buzzer dispensing requirements
蜂鸣器点胶 Buzzer dispensing machine chooses precision dispensing machine. This equipment has high cost performance and low cost. It can meet the requirements of buzzer dispensing, especially in the way of coating. Whether a device meets the needs of production is mainly based on dispensing requirements, such as what requirements will be used by buzzer dispensing, and what requirements for accuracy. Then according to these requirements, we can configure the corresponding parts of automatic glue applicator to match the buzzer dispensing. The same is true for relay dispensing. The manufacturer just makes the machine platform ahead of time, which technology do you need to assemble again?
Types of gluing methods
喷射式点胶机 There are many kinds of glue-coating methods, such as dispensing, glue-coating, glue-filling, glue-coating, glue-dropping and so on, all belong to the glue-coating method. The application of glue-dispensing in buzzer and relay is not the same method. In fact, relay glue-dispensing is more inclined to glue-filling and needs more glue, while the glue-filling in buzzer will overflow, which is not conducive to production and glue-coating. In order to meet the requirements of gluing, the correct way to choose is the same as the automatic gluing machine. The buzzer dispenser uses the precise dispensing machine.
How to deal with the problem of buzzer glue spill
How about the treatment of glue overflow? The buzzer dispensing is impossible to use. The use of alcohol is poor and the buzzer is basically scrapped. So it is very important to choose dispensing equipment. Although there are methods for dealing with glue overflow, not all industries can use them. The method for dealing with glue overflow has been mentioned in the last article. Ming, you can click on the link to another article, you can see the detailed processing.
If you use it in buzzer dispensing, you can choose our middle-made automatic glue dispensing machine's glue dispensing scheme, which has low cost, can meet the production needs, long service life, machine quality guarantee for one year, and lifelong maintenance.