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Several sealing methods can achieve the effect of precise gl

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There are many kinds of glue-coating and sealing methods, but there are not many ways to achieve the precision level. At present, the glue-coating methods can be divided into several categories: manual glue-coating machine, automatic glue-dripping machine, visual glue-dispensing machine, spray-dispensing machine, etc. These four ways are the mainstream glue-coating methods at present. The glue-coating and sealing effect has some characteristics and which kind of glue-dispensing machine can be used. Can it reach the level of precision gluing effect?
涂胶密封 Manual dispensing method
Manual glue dispensing machine has the lowest cost. It only needs dispensing controller and dispensing syringe to carry out dispensing task. The cost is about 200. The dispensing amount can be controlled. Because of the manual control movement, the dispensing amount is not uniform and difficult to guarantee, but it is difficult to ensure the consistency of each dispensing amount. It has the requirement of precision and glue quantity. It meets the requirement by using manual glue coating machine.
Automatic dispensing method
手动点胶机 At present, the coil dispenser is the most widely used way to dispense glue in inductance coil with silica gel dispensing valve. For dispensing accuracy control can reach 0.1mm, manual setting of dispensing parameters is required, which is the initial level of coating sealant precision. Because of uniform dispensing, easy control of glue volume, simple operation, very easy. Many manufacturers choose this method to coat sealant and silica gel, the cost is about 156.
Jet Dispensing
www.668866.com This is a high-precision glue-dispensing method, using automatic dispensing machine platform with high-precision dispensing valves, as well as with visual positioning device, dispensing valves have high precision, can achieve higher glue-dispensing effect, some electronic parts dispensing, will use spray dispensing machine to complete, dispensing accuracy can reach 0.01 mm, belongs to high-level. Accurate gluing.
Visual dispensing
Visual dispensing machine belongs to large-scale dispensing equipment, which has very high precision. It is the highest basic dispensing accuracy of dispensing equipment at present. With visual dispensing system, computer terminal control is used, dispensing position is identified by image mode. The dispensing accuracy can be controlled to 0.001 mm accuracy. The dispensing effect is the best in the use of paint spraying. The glue machine uses more viscous glue than the release glue. Generally, there is no way to use such viscous glue for sealing.