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Method and Machine for Coating Inductance Coil of Power Circ

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Generally, inductance coil can be used in inductance circuit. If there is no protection in the production environment, the inductance coil will break completely in a short period of time, so it can no longer bring its effect into play. Therefore, it is necessary to apply glue protection on inductance coil to ensure the service life of inductance coil. What about machines and glue that meet the sealing requirements?
Reasons for Silica Gel Used in Coating Inductance Coil
电感线圈涂胶 Inductance coil is circuit inductance, generally using silica gel, because silica gel has thermal conductivity, abrasion resistance, insulation and high voltage resistance, etc., very in line with the requirements of induction coil gluing, glue has been selected, so which type of gluing machine can meet the requirements of gluing seals? We have collocated a coating machine that meets the requirements of coil coating. This coil dispensing machine is collocated with a silicone dispensing valve that meets the requirements to achieve high viscosity silicone dispensing.
Requirements for Coating Inductance Coil
The reason lies in the large area of coil coating and the high viscosity of silica gel. Generally, the dispensing valves can not meet the requirements of high viscosity glue coating. Although the silica gel has certain fluidity, the glue is very thick, and the sealing effect between the glue is very good. Without the high pressure dispensing valve, the dispensing can not be completed, while the silica gel point. The rubber valve not only has the effect of large flow filling, but also has independent cylinder, so it meets the requirement of coating inductance coil.
硅胶点胶机 Accuracy of gluing
Coated silica gel can penetrate into the inner of inductance coil and use a kind of glue to coat the product. It is directly related to the use of the product. Every glue will have its place of application. This is related to the characteristics of the industry. Hot melt glue is also a popular type of glue, but it does not meet the requirements of coating on inductance coil, and silica gel tools. It has the same properties as hot melt adhesive, but there are also some requirements, so it can not be mixed together. Silica gel dispensing valve is used in coating silica gel, and hot melt adhesive also has corresponding equipment.
Inductance coil coating using silica gel and coil dispensing machine, can meet the needs of production, so painting called sealing, is to choose this machine, can certainly meet the needs of production.