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How much degree of increase in the temperature of red glue c

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Red glue and hot melt glue have opposite characteristics. One needs to be heated to dispense glue, the other needs to be heated to solidify. Red glue has the same characteristics. It can only be dispensed after dispensing and then heated. How much can the temperature of red glue reach in general to achieve rapid solidification?
Red gum temperature
Red glue with precise dispensing valve
喷射式点胶机 Red glue viscosity is very low, to use a better dispensing valve can dispensing, there is a precise dispensing valve, with a dispensing syringe, the use of dispensing syringe to store glue, and then conveyed to the valve module, and then dispensing, using this method has any advantages? Single use of dispensing syringe, glue control is not uniform, the use of dispensing valve module, can achieve rapid breakage treatment, prevent glue overflow or excessive, the use of dispensing syringe effect, is for glue back absorption, for glue control also has a great effect, light curtain dispensing or chip dispensing, will use precision dispensing. Valve, plus red glue dispensing machine is a visual dispensing equipment, with precision dispensing valve, can be applied to more industries dispensing, why after dispensing, can be heated, is a pipeline way.
Dealing with glue breakage is very strict in the high-precision industry. If you can't control the glue a little, it will cause irreversible damage to the product. If the glue drops onto the light screen, a product will be scrapped. Moreover, the temperature of red glue should be controlled. Everything needs to be precise every time in order to realize the glue dispensing. Reasons for using visual red glue dispenser.