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A dispensing machine for electronic boards using patch red g

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Have you ever used red glue for patches? Do you know the requirements for its use? Usually used in the electronic industry, the development of integrated circuit technology can be said to be changing with each passing day, many integrated boards are very small, and need to point red glue on the circuit board, after dispensing can make the electronic board have good heat shock resistance and electrical performance.
贴片红胶 Because of the industry and glue requirements, the use of red glue for patches is relatively high. Generally, dispensing valves and dispensing machines can not meet the production requirements. Piezoelectric dispensing valves and visual red glue dispensing machines are needed to meet the requirements of red glue coating. Corresponding machines are needed for dispensing of electronic boards and curtains in order to be solid. Discuss the requirement of red glue coating with disc red glue dispensing.
Patch red glue requirements.
集成电路点胶 Red glue has some ideas with hot melt glue. Red glue needs to be refrigerated before dispensing. The temperature can not be higher than 20 degrees. Otherwise, the glue will deteriorate. It can only be stored for 6 days at room temperature, while the refrigeration can be kept for half a year. The complete solidification temperature of red glue for patches is more than 160 degrees. Only when this temperature is reached can the solidification be completed. The hot melt adhesive will have fluidity when it reaches this temperature, so both of them are extreme glue. After light curtain dispensing, it needs to be heated separately. Therefore, in order to achieve the desired effect, we must use visual red dispensing machine with precision dispensing valve.
流水线式红胶点胶机 Under normal temperature, the flowability of glue is good, but the sealing of general dispensing valves is not good, which will lead to excessive glue output, affecting the use of other components. The electrical performance of the red tape is not supposed to be connected with the components, can it play a role? Certainly not. The high requirement of red coating is why it is used to ensure the production effect. The online red glue dispensing machine is also used to prevent red glue spillover when carrying products. Therefore, all the products are completed by the assembly line and produced at one time.