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There are several ways to heat hot melt adhesives

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There are several heating methods for hot melt adhesives, although they are all electric heating methods, but the types of machines used are different. There are two heating methods for hot melt adhesives in dispensing industry. First, manual dispensing machine heating method, and second, automatic small hot melt adhesives machine heating method. Both belong to different heating methods for hot melt adhesives. Today we will divide them into two parts. The different heating methods of hot melt adhesives were analyzed.
Heating mode of hot melt glue in manual dispenser:
热熔胶点胶机 Unlike manual dispensing machines, manual dispensing machines for hot melt glue can store a large amount of hot melt glue, and there is a storage tank inside the machine, which can directly heat the hot melt glue, and then carry out glue transportation through the pump body. It can be heated on the insulating tube and the glue gun, and it can also be insulated by heat treatment to prevent it. The operation was scalded.
手动热熔胶机 Heating method of hot melt glue for small hot melt glue machine:
With temperature heating device and hot melt adhesive dispensing head, the former can control temperature and provide air pressure. The latter is used to heat glue and finish dispensing. A 30cc high temperature resistant dispensing needle tube is stored in the hot melt adhesive dispensing head, and then the screw is twisted to open the temperature heating device and control the temperature at 160 degrees. 。
This is the hot-melt adhesive heating, two different ways, manual dispensing machine large amount of glue, biased with the carton or for less demanding industries glue, and small hot-melt adhesive machine bias to higher precision, such as: perfume bottle dispensing or mobile phone dispensing. In this way, you should know that the heating method of hot melt adhesives will also be helpful for use.