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Which is convenient to replace the constant control system a

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Constant control system and PLC dispensing system belong to the system type commonly used in dispensing industry. Any dispensing equipment needs to be equipped with one of two systems to carry out the motion path of silver dispensing or programmed jet dispensing machine, because the controller can realize automatic dispensing, which is directly related to the system. In order to meet the demand of dispensing, it is very difficult to select the system that meets the demand, and the replacement of dispensing system is a very troublesome thing.
恒控系统 Difference between Constant Control System and PLC Control System
In silver glue dispensing, LED silver glue dispensing equipment will be used, there are two types of equipment, one of which is desktop silver glue spraying machine, using constant control system as the core system. The advantage of this system is simple, as long as the handle controller design some parameters, silver glue dispensing can be carried out, silver glue spraying machine uses constant control system source. Simple, convenient and easy to control, there are also LED silver glue dispensing equipment will be used in the PLC system, that is, large-scale jet automatic dispensing machine, but with the PLC controller is more troublesome, need to set machine parameters complex, basic need to teach several times to be able to write, programming details are a little more.
Which system works better
全职系统 Tell you about the way to change the dispensing system. The jet dispensing machine with constant control system is usually used. It will be more convenient to use because the system is fixed and the mode is already these. Sometimes it is simple and troublesome. It is necessary to replace the dispensing system. The silver dispensing equipment with the PLC controller is used, although it is operated. It's a bit troublesome, but you don't need to change the dispensing system. It depends on which system you want to use. Generally, PLC controllers are used in the complex dispensing industry. Now there are simple PLC controllers. It's relatively simple to control the PLC variables.
喷射式点胶机 In the spray dispensing machine industry, the constant control system is generally used. In silver dispensing, the dispensing system will need to be replaced. Although it is not too troublesome, it only takes half an hour to complete, but it needs dispensing engineers to operate, so it will be more troublesome. You need to choose a machine or system, can you? To find us!