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Household flower spraying gum using automatic dispenser fast

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In the field of home application, many automatic dispensing machines are very suitable, including household flower spraying and gluing. They can be operated by automatic dispensing machines. For example, the desktop automatic dispensing machine we now produce is suitable for flower spraying and gluing. Because of the special use of glue, special dispensing needs to be used. Parts can meet the requirements of production.
Automatic dispensing equipment
花洒涂胶 The automatic dispensing machine adopts three-axis running platform as its structure, which is combined with intelligent constant control system, dispensing controller, dispensing valve and stainless steel pressure barrel to form an automatic dispensing equipment, which has good gluing function, uniform and delicate gluing output, meets the requirements of flower spraying and gluing, and realizes multi-functional gluing mode. Similar straight lines, points and irregular curves can be achieved, especially to meet the needs of modern production, without manual operation, the machine can be completed independently, a machine can top three to five people.
It meets the technical requirements of flower spraying glue
Household flower spraying is irregular curve gluing technology, and our automatic dispensing machine is able to meet the needs, can use double Y-axis automatic gluing machine to achieve the task of coating, can independently control the amount of glue, gluing accuracy is 0.01 mm, coating thickness is 0.1 mm, each position of the same gluing, do not worry about spillover. Glue problem, this is the effect of automation equipment, our company has many years of production automation equipment experience, has an excellent engineering team.
Flower spraying glue technology requirements are not high, you can use the recommended double Y-axis dispensing machine for coating, fully able to meet your needs of technical requirements, especially dispensing technology, is able to meet production requirements, you are welcome to call our telephone service hotline: 13928403389.