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CCD Intelligent Recognition System for Visual Dispenser

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In recent years, with the rapid development of automation equipment, the degree of automation is relatively high. In the past few years, every part of automatic dispensing machine has been upgraded continuously, the function of intelligent recognition of CCD has been improved and developed continuously, and CCD visual dispensing equipment is one of the masterpieces of automatic dispensing machine upgrade.
What's the visual dispensing function? Does it have perfect dispensing technology?
As the name implies, the biggest difference between visual dispensing machine and ordinary dispensing machine is the CCD vision system. The visual system can recognize the automatic positioning function and accuracy of products more intelligently. The visual precision dispensing system is suitable for dispensing of many kinds of precise products.
1. Intelligent recognition of CCD and automatic positioning
CCD vision system is a high-tech product for industrial detection and recognition. It can collect high-definition images of processed products and transmit image data directly to visual dispensing machine system. This function is applied to dispensing equipment, which can effectively replace manual calibration process or fixture, and CCD intelligently identifies product location and distribution range. Automation of visual dispensing equipment is being realized.
2. Higher visual accuracy
Distribution motors in the market need to fix the fixed position of products. If there are any errors in fixture manufacturing, the glue dispensing effect will also be wrong. The accuracy of visual dispensing equipment can reach 98% or even higher than 98%. The intelligent recognition device of CCD has the functions of intelligent positioning and high precision dispensing. Compared with traditional dispensing machine, visual dispensing machine is more intelligent, which is one of the reasons why the price of visual dispensing machine is still popular.