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Two-component glue using mixing tube

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The function of the trumpet mixing pipe used in the automatic glue filling machine is very simple. Only two functions are needed to control the amount of glue produced and improve the mixing degree of the two components glue. If there are other functions, they are all tedious. However, in the aspect of the automatic glue filling machine, the function of the mixing pipe is very strong. Without the mixing pipe, the function of the mixing pipe is very strong. There is no way to use two-component glue.
Mixed tube action
喇叭口混合管 For the use of two-component glue, the function of trumpet mixing tube is self-evident. Any automatic glue filler sleeps with a corresponding mixing tube, which may be a jack mixing tube, a trumpet mixing tube, or a square mixing tube. All of these are functional mixing tubes with mixed two-component glue. For example, the full-automatic glue filler in the LED copper lamp glue filling requirements to select the appropriate mixing tube, such as the need for 2 mm width, you can directly choose, do not need to use other types, one-time production can be completed.
全自动灌胶机 This is the function of mixing pipes. Full-automatic glue-filling machine is a necessary accessory. There are many types of mixing pipes. Besides the horn-mixing pipes, there are other mixing pipes of Lexi, which can meet the glue-filling requirements of many industries. The glue-filling of LED copper-wire lamp is only one of them, and there are a large number of products that can meet the glue-filling requirements of many industries. There are many applications of automatic glue filling machine using horn mixing pipe, otherwise there will not be so many types of mixing pipe to meet the modern production mode.
喇叭口混合管 The function of mixing pipe can be very powerful, which can determine the effect of automatic glue filling machine. Without the horn mixing pipe, there is no way to glue.