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Causes of Air Leakage in Dispenser

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The most fundamental reason why dispensing machine can not keep glue is that the seals are not leaking, and the suction of the leak valve does not play any role, which will lead to bad glue recovery and leakage. Glue will be the problem mentioned above.
Why did the dispenser leak?
On the one hand, the structural design of the valve may be unreasonable, and the overall sealing performance of the valve is not ideal.
On the other hand, the sealing of the valve may be, but the unreasonable internal space leads to back pressure, that is, the pressure can not be released quickly leading to glue exposed from the top, and the leakage of the dispenser directly leads to glue leakage.
In addition, it may be that the valve of dispensing machine is used for a long time, and the sealing ring is worn out, resulting in gas leakage.
Glue may also be corrosive. The material used for sealing is not corrosion resistant. The seal is corroded and the glue will not be sucked back.
There are two solutions to these problems, one is to improve the structure of the valve, the other is to complete the sealing of the valve. Regular replacement of the sealing parts and the use of corrosion-resistant sealing parts can partly solve the problem of air leakage in dispenser.