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Installation steps and precautions of glue coating machine,

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  Although the glue coating machine seems to be a very simple mechanical device. But it also needs certain technical content to use well, especially in the installation process of the glue coating machine, if there are errors in the installation, it is easy to cause the failure of the hot glue coating machine, resulting in adverse effects of dispensing, so when purchasing the glue coating machine, professionals should be invited to install it.
  The glue machine, though it seems to be a simple mechanical device. It also needs certain technical content to be able to, especially when the glue dispensing machine is installed, errors occur in the installation process, which can easily lead to machine failure, which will have adverse effects on the dispensing products. Therefore, when purchasing automatic dispensing machine, professionals need to be invited to carry out the installation work. Let Xiaobian explain for you the need to know the location of the installation:
  1. First of all, it is a safety problem. Ground wires must be installed before installation. When the glue coating machine works, there will be a high voltage. In order to prevent accidents, we must first install ground wires. When using machine equipment frequently, the ground wire has been forgotten for a long time. If the ground wire is installed, the safety measures will be greatly improved.
  2. Voltage stability. As we all know, the working voltage of general mechanical equipment is 220 volts, and some are 380 volts, which should be paid attention to. Voltage instability can easily cause serious damage to our machines and equipment. To reduce the service life of the machine, it is necessary to find a stable voltage value to prevent the impact of voltage instability.
自动涂胶机   Therefore, in the production process, the fewer links of artificial control operation, the fewer production inconsistencies, the lower the return type and the lower the return rate. The adhesive process of the glue coating machine and its accessories of the invention can be stable and have good consistency. The use of high quality distribution system can avoid the impact of operation technology level and production transfer on product quality and production capacity. Dispensing technology can ensure that the amount of glue in the fluid is stable, thus ensuring the reliability and consistency of the final product quality. The use of glue coating machine can also greatly improve the production efficiency and quality of production of good assistants, because dispensing speed, we can see. In addition, dispensing diversion technology is also applicable to high-demand dispensing industry. These are dispensing functions only after the installation of professional glue coating machine.