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Dispensing Machine Fittings Matching and Glue Use Method

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1. Glue Differentiation
502 glue: 502 glue should be used, 502 glue tube and Teflon lining metal needle should be used. Teflon material will not react with 502 glue. For dense 502 glue, conical inclined needle is needed. If flexibility is needed, it needs to be mixed.
PP needle.
UV glue: Using green dispensing syringes, white pistons and plastic steel needles or plastic needles (which can cover ultraviolet rays), other types of needles need to be customized to shield ultraviolet rays.
Anaerobic Adhesive: General piston made of 30cc needle barrel and white PE material.
UV-curable adhesives: Use black dispensing syringes to avoid light sensitivity.
502胶水 Sealant and Adhesive: If the white piston bounces back seriously, you need to use a safe piston or not use a piston.
Use an oblique needle.
2. Size and quantity of dispensing
Usually the diameter of the dispensing needle is half of the dispensing distance of the product, which ensures that there is enough glue bonding to avoid waste of glue caused by component bonding. The length of time determines the amount of glue, and the sizing time depends on the degree of glue and the characteristics of glue. Secondly, in terms of pressure, the general pressure is too large, easy to form, glue overflow, glue volume is too much, if the pressure is too small, there will be insufficient glue, therefore, product quality defects, need to be adjusted according to the actual production mode.
3. Viscosity of glue
When the viscosity is high, the glue will become smaller, or even pull up; when the viscosity is low, the glue will become larger. It is possible that the temperature of glue should be between 23 and 25 degrees Celsius, and the viscosity will be affected by the ambient temperature. The effect is that the temperature decreases, the viscosity increases, and the flow rate of glue decreases accordingly, which simply presents the phenomenon of wire drawing.
4. Needle size of dispensing machine
Generally, the needle with a diameter of about 1/2 of the dot diameter should be selected. After dispensing, the dot should be dispensed. C selected a little rubber needle according to the size of the product.
5. Interval between needle and working surface
We need to master the dispensing interval. We must know that different dispensing machines, each needle with different needles, have a specific block. Therefore, the needle and work should be calibrated before each operation. Plane spacing, i.e. Z-axis height calibration.