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Summary of needle barrel knowledge from years of experience

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The dispensing syringe, dispensing syringe and injection syringe are all tools for storing glue in pneumatic devices and for coating.
According to the characteristics of some glue, different colors can prevent the glue from light reaction. By matching with the appropriate syringe and adapter, high-precision dispensing can be achieved. This is a supplement to the summary of needle knowledge that users often buy.
The special amber dispensing syringe is suitable for the operation of UV dispensing machine. The specificity of amber dispensing syringe lies in its function of shielding ultraviolet rays. Amber dispensing syringe is usually used with diagonal needle, diagonal needle has the function of shielding ultraviolet rays, and a black anti-ultraviolet dispensing syringe is used for dispensing light curing. Mixture, different from amber dispensing syringe, black anti-ultraviolet dispensing syringe has anti-ultraviolet function, which is a special example of syringe knowledge summary.
琥珀色点胶针筒 The dispensing syringe can be divided into single liquid syringe, AB rubber syringe, large flow syringe, etc. In the summary of syringe knowledge, it is necessary to understand the application needs of AB rubber. Single liquid is used for dispensing of single component. AB rubber syringe is mainly used for distributing and coating double liquid glue. It is equipped with various types of AB rubber gun and static mixing tube. It can not only mix AB rubber automatically, but also weigh heavily. Lightweight and durable, can be controlled manually at will. Large-capacity dispensing syringe is suitable for a large number of dispensing occasions. It reduces the number of times of dispensing and improves the operation efficiency. It can be directly used for controlling the proportion of AB glue. When dispensing is used, the dispensing is clean and the pressure regulating device of the feeding nozzle needs to be added. It is very convenient for dispensing. The position of glue level can be observed intuitively, which is the summary of needle barrel knowledge.
Application of dispensing syringe
The dispensing syringe is used in the field of patch dispensing. There are many kinds of dispensing syringe. When choosing the suitable variety of dispensing syringe, it should be widely used in the fields of light emitting diode, semiconductor manufacturing, medicine and so on.