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Explain the working principle of the yellow rubber valve and

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Yellow glue dispenser puts glue into pressure barrel, compressed air enters pressure barrel (storage barrel), and glue is pressed into the feeding pipe connected with the barrel chamber.
Top needle type yellow rubber valve: send a signal to solenoid valve, drive the piston of the dispensing valve to move upward, glue pressure out of the needle through the barrel is the working principle of the top needle type yellow rubber valve.
双工位点胶机 Back-suction yellow rubber valve: signal to solenoid valve, which drives the piston of rubber valve to move downward. Glue will be extruded from the needle through the barrel. The amount of glue dropping is determined by three factors: the control time of solenoid valve, the pressure of pressure barrel and the moving stroke of piston (fine-tuning of dispensing valve). Therefore, the dripped yellow glue can be randomly matched on any automatic equipment. The working principle is that the single screw structure and the single screw volume conveying principle are used to make the rotor and stator form a self-sealing structure. The directional rotation of the rotor in the stator cavity can realize the medium conveying function, which belongs to a special kind of yellow glue valve working principle. 。
黄胶点胶阀 Glue for dispensing machine glue valve:
It is suitable for liquids and oils with different viscosities and fluidity (including red gum, silica gel, butter gum, crystal gum, white latex, silica gel, anaerobic gum, AB gum, insulation gum, epoxy resin, solder paste, ultraviolet gum, silicone oil, lubricant, butter, paint, alcohol, oil, etc.).
Explain the working principle of the yellow rubber valve and the suitable compound
Working Principle of Yellow Rubber Valve