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Fully automatic gluing machines are used in those industries

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Automatic glue coating machine has been developed in China for more than ten years. Some people say that the glue machine market is becoming smaller and smaller, and the market is almost saturated, which makes it more difficult for manufacturers to do this. In fact, it's just that the market is cleaning up all kinds of impurities. The development of the mobile phone industry has not declined for so many years. The reaction has risen. So does the gelatinizing equipment. Technological progress is needed. This is the necessary way to upgrade the product to the next stage. If the fully automatic glue machine is innovative like the mobile phone, it will have a better tomorrow, for you to analyze the application of fully automatic glue machine industry?
全自动涂胶机 1. Electroacoustic Electronics Industry
The electroacoustic electronics industry mainly processes and produces loudspeakers, loudspeakers, buzzers, audio and headphones on assembly lines. Glue coating machine is widely used in this industry. For many people engaged in electronic voice control industry, they can choose automatic glue coating machine, and the efficiency will be greatly improved.
2. Electronic induction industry
The electronic induction industry mainly concentrates on small transformers, patch transformers, inductors, relays and small coil motors. It belongs to the series of glue filling machines which require high precision.
3. Computer Digital Electronics Industry
Digital products, digital cameras, MP3, MP4, electronic toys, shell bonding, mobile phone buttons, mobile phone shell bonding, walkie-talkie, telephone, fax machine.
4. Optical Application Industry
Optics may be unknown to many people, but in fact, this industry mainly concentrates on optical lenses, optical heads and magnetic heads, and the use of automatic gluing machines is relatively small.
5. Switchgear Industry
双工位涂胶机 Switches and other electrical appliances are distributed in the processing industries such as connectors, wires, plugs and connecting wires.
6. Large Machinery and Hardware Industry
These large light-emitting diodes and new energy batteries are also the most impressive in the future market.