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Operators should pay attention to the safety of hot melt glu

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Hot melt adhesive is suitable for mobile phone dispensing, digital product bonding, gift box bonding and so on, so it can be applied to the needs of various industries. In order to improve dispensing production efficiency, the automatic hot melt dispensing machine has relatively effective control effect on the glue, which has been recognized and used by users in various industries, although the operation of hot melt adhesive machine. Simple and suitable for high-speed coating glue, but it is important to pay attention to the safety and stability of hot melt glue machine.
What is the safety problem of hot melt glue machine? Automation equipment manufacturers are required to interpret:
1. High voltage will be produced when the hot melt glue machine is electrified. If the operation is wrong after power-on, it will lead to high-voltage danger when the skin contacts the exposed circuit directly. Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate this problem. Operators should have a thorough understanding of the safety of hot melt glue machine.
2. The dispenser manufacturer reminds you that when inspecting and repairing the hot melt glue dispenser, if the protective panel of the dispensing equipment needs to be disassembled, cut off the power supply first, keep both hands dry, and remember not to touch the hot melt glue dispenser with wet hands, so as to avoid the danger of electric shock.
3. When installing the hot melt glue machine, it is necessary to ground the wire to avoid accidents caused by electric shock at the output port of the power supply in the process of using the hot melt glue machine, which requires operators to pay attention to the safety of the hot melt glue machine.
4. When the hot melt glue machine is installed, remember to equip with high-quality power air switch and connect the power cord to meet the requirements of the hot melt glue machine for power stability.