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Take you to know the characteristics of contactless drip pum

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The technicians of automatic dispensing machine will show you the characteristics and working principle of contactless dripping pump.
The working principle of contactless drip pump: compressed air is fed into the rubber bottle (syringe), glue is pressed into the feed pipe connected with the piston chamber, where it is heated and temperature controlled to achieve the best uniform viscosity. Using the socket structure, the glue fills the gap left by the ball retracting from the socket. When the ball comes back, due to the force of acceleration, the glue flow is cut off, which sprays out from the nozzle of the dropping needle and drops onto the board, forming a plaque effect.
Next, I will introduce the characteristics of contactless drip pump for you. The characteristics of contactless drip pump are divided into four parts, namely:
1) Eliminate the phenomenon of adhesive trailing caused by traditional methods.
2) There is no problem of needle wear and interference with other parts.
3) Damage of needle-free nozzle.
4) There is no debris due to the bending of the substrate and the damage of the needle nozzle.