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How to Choose Needle for Visual Dispenser

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After many customers have purchased visual dispensing machine equipment, with the increase of dispensing product types, the amount of glue used is different, and the glue ordered by different products is also different. How to choose needles in these situations?
The following are several aspects of needle selection:
1. Small points correspond to low-pressure needles;
2. Large needles should be selected for short time and large needles, with high pressure.
3. Long-term use, if the glue is very thick, choose inclined needle, pressure is relatively high;
4. Water-borne liquid, if the glue is very sparse, choose a small needle and set the time according to need with less pressure.
挠性点胶针头 If the amount of glue needed is relatively large, when the needle is replaced and the pressure is increased, the glue volume still can not achieve the desired effect, then the pipeline must be replaced, and from 1/4 to 3/8. In addition, if the pipe does not need to be too long, the shorter the better.
When the needle is replaced, if the glue drops, it is mainly due to the small caliber of the needle used. Too small needle will affect the flow of liquid and cause back pressure, that is, the pressure can not be released, the internal pressure of the glue valve is too high, leading to the glue valve dropping after closing. In this case, larger needles can be replaced. Normally, the back pressure produced by the tapered oblique needle is small, the liquid flow is smooth and the glue collection is clean.
In a word, this is how to choose the needle of visual dispensing machine. Try you more, and then compare the effects of each change, you can master it skillfully.