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Long-term use of non-contact jet valve needs to strengthen m

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  The injection valve is mainly operated on the basis of pneumatic principle, which improves the dispensing speed of the product in the form of non-contact injection dispensing. It can be used for dispensing and spraying of medium and high viscosity glue quickly, thus achieving the functions of rapid spraying, bonding and gluing of the product.
Correct and timely maintenance of the non-contact jet valve can prolong the service life of the valve body, maintain the accuracy of the jet valve and the spray speed of the jet valve, and also save the maintenance cost of the injection valve through maintenance. Therefore, users need to know the disassembly method of the non-contact jet valve and related matters needing attention in order to better dock with the non-contact jet valve. Contact jet valve maintenance.
 1. Close the jet valve and discharge compressed air from the valve body.
 1. Close the jet valve and discharge compressed air from the valve body.
 2. Disconnect the jet valve controller from the power supply.
 3. Close all cables and pipes from the valve.
 Note: Wear or damage of O-ring will lead to metering materials intruding into equipment and damage metering valves, which is not conducive to subsequent maintenance.
 Note: When installing, disassembling and maintaining equipment, please follow the safety instructions.
 Pay attention to the painted screw on the non-contact jet valve.
 Do not screw down the paint screw on the valve body.
 If you try to unscrew these screws, it will affect the maintenance of non-contact jet valves.