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Importance of Removal and Cleaning of Double-liquid Mixed Pi

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The dual-liquid visual dispensing machine on the market is also called AB dispensing machine. This kind of equipment can be specially used for dispensing two-component glue. Compared with ordinary visual dispensing machine, AB dispensing machine has two sets of control systems, which control the fluids of A glue and B glue respectively.
视觉点胶机 In addition to the normal use of visual dispensing machine, the correct maintenance of equipment is also one of the reasons affecting the service life of dual-liquid dispensing machine. Therefore, the cleaning of dual-liquid mixing pipe will be taken seriously. The daily maintenance work of AB visual dispensing machine is also closely related to the service life of dispensing machine and the coating accuracy of AB dispensing machine.
视觉点胶机 Remember to spend some time cleaning visual dispensing machine and dual-liquid mixing pipe after mixing coating with automation equipment. The cleaning step is usually to clean the machine and mixing pipe after automatic dispensing and power off. The cleaning step of automatic visual dispensing machine is very simple. Take off the mixing of two liquids. If you think the cleaning equipment is troublesome or the mixing pipe is old, you can choose to replace the new two-liquid mixing pipe directly instead of the cleaning steps of the two-liquid mixing pipe.
视觉自动化点胶设备 It is worth mentioning that there should be no air in the mixing tube of the double liquid dispenser, so remember to exclude air.