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Introduction of Notices for Epoxy Resin Adhesive Coating

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 Each dispensing machine on the market has corresponding dispensing function. Visual dispensing machine has visual positioning function, and double liquid dispensing machine has mixed glue for dispensing. The dispensing function and curing time of each adhesive are also different. The equipment used in epoxy resin coating also has its characteristics and precautions.
In addition to dispensing equipment itself, the temperature of epoxy resin glue is also one of the matters needing attention. Generally speaking, epoxy resin glue should be stored in the refrigerator at 0 - 5 C. When using dispensing machine, the epoxy glue should be taken out half an hour in advance so that the temperature of the glue meets the indoor temperature.
 It is suggested that the use temperature of epoxy resin adhesive is 23 ~25 C. However, the temperature of dispensing working environment also has a great influence on the viscosity of epoxy resin adhesive. When the temperature decreases, the viscosity will increase, which directly leads to the decrease of the flow rate of epoxy resin adhesive, and it is easy to draw during dispensing.
 In addition to the temperature of epoxy glue, whether there are bubbles in dispensing machine is also one of the matters needing attention. Bubble is the fatal factor of epoxy glue coating, so it is suggested that the glue must have no bubbles.
 In the process of epoxy resin dispensing, the presence of small bubbles will affect the dispensing effect of products, and the existence of bubbles will lead to no glue and glue void in the dispensing process, thus affecting the quality of epoxy resin dispensing. In order to eliminate the small bubbles in the automatic dispensing machine, the air in the dispensing equipment should be discharged when replacing the hose, and the air at the joint can be exhausted to prevent the problem of empty dispensing from affecting the quality of epoxy resin coating.