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The Function of Automation Equipment in the Application of S

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1. Silica gel automatic dispensing machine can be used for dispensing bonding of PVC soft gel, microelectronics and other silica gel series products, such as: mobile phone shell, handicraft dispensing, mobile phone jewelry, mobile phone base, anti-static wristband, anti-static bracelet, television shell and other needs of silica gel dispensing applications.
硅胶www.668866.com 2. In addition to microelectronic packaging, silica gel dispenser can also be used in various industries, such as household appliances, clothing, toys, services, furniture and gifts. If users need to put into application, they should choose appropriate dispensing scheme, and make customized automatic dispensing equipment for their needs, and select effective automatic dispensing equipment to effectively improve dispensing efficiency and reduce the process.
3. The application scope of silica gel dispensing is mainly 0 in the production line. It can be used for dispensing electronic products, dispensing handicraft products, die design, plastics toy casting, etc. It supports linear/arc/circular coating and high-precision dispensing to complete dispensing of high-quality handicraft products.
4. Efficient and precise silica gel dispensing equipment will help users to complete more kinds of requirements for coating applications, in silica gel quality control far better than the same type of equipment to control the application effect of silica gel dispensing.