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Overview of desktop ultraviolet dispenser function

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 What are the functions of ultraviolet dispenser? As the name implies, ultraviolet dispensing machine is an automatic dispensing device suitable for ultraviolet glue dispensing.
 However, in addition to ultraviolet glue, ultraviolet dispenser is also suitable for some commonly used glue, such as silica gel, epoxy resin, AB glue, shadow-free glue and dry glue.. Because each glue has different characteristics, the curing time of some glue products is also different.
 In order to give full play to the advantages of automatic dispensing machine, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of the function of automatic dispensing machine and the performance of glue. Next, the function and characteristics of the ultraviolet dispenser are described as an example.
 Ultraviolet dispenser is suitable for distribution and coating of ultraviolet photoresist. What are the functions of ultraviolet dispenser? This equipment can realize high-precision glue control of three-dimensional and four-dimensional path dispensing, can avoid wire drawing, leakage, dropping and other issues.
 Ultraviolet dispensing machine can be used in various forms of product dispensing, such as dispensing, injection, coating and dropping, and precisely control each position of the product. Ultraviolet dispensing machine has various functions. It can also realize line dispensing, circular dispensing, elliptical dispensing and arc dispensing.