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Application scope of desktop dispensing machine

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 Desktop dispensing machine is a kind of equipment of dispensing machine. It is a kind of automatic machine that controls the liquid and drips it on the surface or inside of the product. The device is equipped with a charge coupled device assistant program editing system, which uses the magnification of the camera to detect objects. Move the machine by operating a handle or by using a mouse.
 Application scope of desktop dispensing machine
Application scope of desktop dispensing machine
In the application scope of desktop dispenser, there are semiconductor packaging, PCB parts fixing and protection, LCD glass mechanical packaging and pasting, mobile phone board dispensing, key products dispensing, speaker packaging and dispensing, battery box dispensing, automobile parts coating, hardware parts packaging coating, quantitative filling, chip bonding and so on. Mainly suitable for small size, light weight products.
 Product characteristics
 1. It has the function of drawing continuous interpolation input program of points, lines, surfaces, arcs, circles and irregular curves.
 2. The glue quantity, thickness, speed, time and stop time can be set. The glue output is stable and the glue does not drip.
 3. Stepping motors are used as power supply for X-axis, Y-axis and Z-axis.
 4. According to customers'products, you can choose to assemble multiple dispensing needles, which can connect various rubber guns and rubber drums.
 5. A product can be coated with a variety of glues at the same time.
 6. Automatic heating system for rubber gun and material tray.
 7. The most suitable machine can be designed according to the needs of your dispensing process.