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Advantages of Double-liquid Glue Filling Machine in Producti

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 The glue-filling equipment suitable for two-component AB glue has the characteristics of accurate glue control and stable glue production. Next, I will talk about the application advantages of double liquid filling machine.
Dual-liquid glue dispensing machine is applied to light emitting module dispensing, soft and hard ribbon dispensing, fluorescent lamp, power dispensing, resistance and capacitance dispensing, etc. It is compatible with various two-component adhesives, such as double liquid adhesives, AB adhesives, silica gels, epoxy resins, etc.
High automatic glue filling capability is one of the features of double-liquid glue filling machine. Accurate glue control and stable mixing are the key steps to improve product quality. The wide application range of double-liquid glue filling machine can improve the working environment of employees.
 Power supply gluing of light emitting diode gluer
 In addition to product quality stability, the double-liquid glue-filling machine also has obvious improvement in improving product filling efficiency, which can prevent the inconsistency of manual glue-filling quantity from affecting product quality, and even cause potential product quality risks and glue waste. The efficient glue-filling of double-liquid glue-filling machine usually needs the help of fixture, so it needs to optimize clamp. Because of the design of the device, the application of the double-liquid glue-filling machine in the diode type glue-filling effect is relatively prominent.