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Sealing quality of mobile screen is closely related to dispe

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 The sealing process of each component of mobile phone is different, including chip dispensing, boundary bonding, screen sealing dispensing, etc. 
 Mobile screen is sealed by dispensing technology. Visual dispensing machine is suitable for sealing dispensing process. Many users who don't know much about dispensing equipment may not be clear about automatic dispensing machine support to increase visual function to achieve higher application effect.
 Automatic dispensing machine equipped with charge coupled device vision system can play the role of intelligent product positioning, which is the premise of precise dispensing. Visual dispensing machine can realize high-precision dispensing technology, which is of great benefit to the completion of mobile phone screen sealing. It can not only finish dispensing task quickly, but also ensure the quality of dispensing and avoid it. The appearance of defective products increases the cost of mobile screen manufacturers.
 If the production budget is sufficient, it is suggested to use both injection valve and visual system in dispensing equipment to achieve high-speed and precise dispensing effect. The speed of injection valve can reach 280 times per second, and the amount of glue can be accurate to 2nL. This is a high quality that ordinary dispensing valve can not achieve. Therefore, the screen sealing function of mobile phone can be achieved. Increasingly prominent.