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The effect of applying hot melt adhesive on the cover paper

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  I'm sure you've heard about hot melt adhesive. From the name, you can know that this kind of glue can not be dispensed directly like other commonly used glue. So what does he need to do to start dispensing? It's very simple to dispense glue to him, so it's obvious that the dispensing valve commonly used can't be used, so we need to use a special hot melt glue dispensing valve, so we should choose What kind of dispensing machine can be used to complete the requirements of hot melt adhesive coating for Tiandi cover paper?
  What Xiaobian recommends is to use a large-scale hot melt glue dispenser to apply hot melt glue to the ceiling paper. Because this kind of dispenser is a hot melt glue dispenser, there will be a set of adding system more than those commonly used dispensers, and some accessories will also be produced, so the price will certainly be more expensive than the common dispensers. Although this dispenser is hot for the ceiling paper The effect of glue is very good.
  The biggest difference between this kind of hot melt glue valve and other common glue valves is that it has a special heating system, so that the glue that needs to be heated for dispensing can be dispensing, but the conventional dispensing valve can't dispensing the glue that needs to be heated. It can only dispensing the conventional glue, and can't finish the paper cover Apply hot-melt glue. We have two kinds of glue valves here. You can contact customer service for specific consultation.
  Although the use cost of the hot melting point glue machine is much higher than that of the common glue dispenser, the use of the glue dispensing equipment suitable for your products can better increase your output and production efficiency. If you need, you can contact the customer service of the Chinese system, and you can plan according to your glue dispensing needs.