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Encapsulation technology of electric vehicle controller seal

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In fact, dispensing is very common in our life, such as the dispensing of tempered film, the key of remote control, etc. all need dispensing, and then the dispenser can also be sealed, that is to point the glue in the gap of the items to be sealed to achieve sealing. Today we are going to talk about the sealing of electric vehicle controller.
Electric vehicles are sure to be known to all. Do you know how important the electric vehicle controller sealing is to electric vehicles? Let's talk about the function of electric vehicle controller.
1. Control the rotation speed of electric motor
2. Control the current of the drive motor when the throttle is turned
3. Stop the power supply to the motor under the control of the brake to achieve the purpose of the brake
4. Check the electric quantity in the battery, and then display the electric quantity on the display
5. When the current is too large, cut off the power supply of the current to the motor, so as to protect the motor
After reading the above, what do you think will happen if the electric vehicle controller seal is not well done? Of course, the answer is that it must be completely abandoned.
So what dispensing machine is suitable for the sealing of electric vehicle controller? There is a special dispensing machine in China, which can completely achieve the purpose of sealing. For example, the common glue used for sealing on the market can be used for dispensing.
For the specific sealing scheme of electric vehicle controller, you can go to the official website of China dispensing machine to ask the customer service. We will make a plan according to your dispensing requirements, the glue used for dispensing and what kind of production efficiency you expect to achieve, and then recommend a dispensing machine suitable for you.