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Technical scheme for glue application of air conditioner rem

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Now there are more and more remote controls, such as air conditioner remote control, TV remote control and so on. Sometimes when you look at those, you always wonder if they are painted manually. When you carefully observe, you will find that these keys are coated neatly and in the same position. This can't be done manually. How do you do that?
In fact, the application of the key glue is carried out by the dispenser. It's not the ordinary dispenser. The ordinary dispenser can't do as well as it needs. There's not a little more. The key glue dispenser needs a high precision because it's not as simple as other dispensing machines. What it looks like when it needs to do it and what it looks like after it's dry? It can't have one The leakage of glue and wire drawing increase the difficulty of glue application. What kind of glue dispenser should we choose?
In China, there is a dispensing machine that can be used to apply glue to keys. This dispensing machine uses a visual detection system, because the shape of glue dispensing required for each key is different. With the visual detection system, it can quickly identify which key should be glued and which shape of glue, and it can also better align.
This dispenser is recommended to apply glue to keys mainly because it is equipped with a visual inspection system, which makes the positioning more accurate and because each function of the keys is different. Then the conventional dispenser can't do it. It's easy to have irregular patterns of glue dispensing or glue flow. This situation will lead to unqualified glue application of the keys, which makes it unnecessary The loss.
If you need to glue the buttons and don't know which dispensing machine to choose, you can go to the official website of Zhongzhi to ask the customer service.