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Functions of online visual dispensing machine

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  At present, more and more automatic equipment are used in factories, such as dispensing machine, but some factories have high requirements for dispensing accuracy, so what kind of dispensing machine should they use? The answer is the visual dispenser. Here is the function of the visual dispenser.
  As we all know, this kind of dispenser was first used for PCB board dispensing, and now the technology is more and more mature. Now it is used in industrial camera industry.
  The most important function of the visual dispensing machine is its visual detection system. This system can accurately locate the position and product to be dispensing. It detects the product and dispensing position through the visual detection system, and then dispensing accurately. The other function of the visual dispenser is that it has a large storage hard disk that other dispensers do not have, as well as a lot of array areas of the software. There is also a kind of translation operation, and there are many functions not mentioned one by one. The function of the visual Dispenser - visual detection, can well locate and track the track, which can greatly shorten the programming time.
  The function of visual dispensing machine is to set the dispensing amount, dispensing time and dispensing speed in detail.
  Generally, the dispensing time is 1ms. It also has the function of intelligent glue stopping, which can prevent the glue from drawing and leaking, and the glue quantity, speed and time have a high consistency. Then it can use the pressure bucket or 300cc large glue cylinder to carry out dispensing operation, which can better improve dispensing efficiency.