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Stainless steel pressure barrel ball valve can prevent the g

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The stainless steel pressure barrel ball valve plays a very important role in the pressure barrel. It will be installed in the silencing valve and the air pressure valve to open and close. During the dispensing process, the internal air pressure of the stainless steel pressure barrel is very high. In order to clean the glue and increase the glue, the internal air pressure needs to be released. Opening it directly will hurt people. At this time, the pressure barrel ball valve will release the air pressure to keep the pressure barrel A state of atmospheric pressure.
  Picture of bulb of stainless steel pressure barrel
  The ball valve of the pressure barrel will be assembled in any glue pressure barrel. Our Chinese made ball valve is no exception. It will be equipped with ball valve. Generally, we will use the ball bubble valve of domestic brand, which can "resist" the high air pressure state, and there will be no air leakage or cylinder explosion. The stainless steel pressure barrel we produce is manufactured according to the requirements of the international standard for installation, with the thickness of 8mm to 10 mm and the thickness of installation International standards for manufacturing.
  Accessories are also one of the key points. Using a good ball valve of the pressure barrel can increase the service life of the stainless steel pressure barrel. The accessories are consumables. When the service life of the accessories is up, the pressure barrel can not be used. They can only be used after being replaced. Good accessories can also reduce production accidents. Otherwise, how can there be manufacturing standards and limited air pressure values? Only in this way can there be better The production effect is good, and the production effect will be better naturally.