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Dispensing scheme for optical devices in medical industry

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  Dispensing involves electronics, aviation, led, medical and household appliances, etc. even dispensing technology is needed. Dispensing can be used for sealing, insulation and protection. Dispensing has many functions. Screws of similar products can also be better fixed. We have developed a dispensing equipment for optical devices and made corresponding solutions.
  There are many types of optical devices, each of which has different specifications and shapes. The dispensing technology used will be a little different. We will mainly use one type of optical device to explain the machine scheme, as well as the working mode of other types of optical devices. Next, we will explain the dispensing mode of optical devices.
  As one of the optical devices, the mirror needs to be fixed by dispensing. The mirror is fixed between the lens and the frame. There is no way to fix the mirror by using the frame alone. It is easy to fall off. Then, the mirror can be fixed by dispensing, which can solve the quality problem of lens fixation. There are many other optical devices that can be used for dispensing. We can develop new production methods for your company.
  Many optical devices need to be dispensing. If your company also has this requirement, you can find our manufacturer! We can find dispensing devices that meet your actual needs. These are all possible ways. Our factory has made full-automatic dispensing machines for many medical manufacturers, including visual dispensing machines and floor type dispensing machines.