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The method of glass glue dispensing by automatic dispensing

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In fact, there are many methods of glass glue dispensing, including automatic dispensing and semi-automatic dispensing. Both of them can be used, but there is a big difference between convenience and price. The price of automatic dispensing machine is about 10000 yuan (according to the selection of accessories), and the price of semi-automatic dispensing machine is 158-310 yuan, all of which can be selected.
  The automatic dispensing machine is relatively convenient. You can use bulk glass glue or 330ml glass glue. You can design a device that meets your production requirements, and it can be used directly when it is delivered to your company. The production of the machine is about four or five times that of the manual. This is the power of the automatic dispensing machine. You can choose the machine according to the existing requirements! We believe that we can solve the existing problem of glass glue dispensing for your company.
  The price of semi-automatic dispensing machine is relatively low, and the production is relatively automatic, which is more convenient than semi-automatic. Manual dispensing requires manual dispensing of products. The production speed will be slower. Advantages: dispensing is convenient and uniform, and it is easy to control the amount of dispensing. The dispensing effect is better than simple and real manual control, and the price is especially low!
  There are many ways of dispensing glass glue. Both the automatic dispensing machine and the semi-automatic dispensing machine can be used. Now we also have a new way of dispensing glass glue. You can try it! The mode of production is better than the original mode of production! Simple production, no effort, even glue, especially useful!