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The function of automatic equipment in dispensing

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  There are more and more dispensing machines with automatic recognition function, which have begun to replace the traditional constant control system and full-time system. Now the more advanced dispensing machines basically have automatic recognition function. As long as the program is set correctly, it is easy to adjust the dispensing position, glue amount and time, and there will be no incorrect dispensing position and glue If the quantity is too much or too little, it is the powerful function of automatic recognition.
  So you will be curious about how this function is achieved? In fact, the most important function of this function is the vision system, which is composed of an industrial camera with good definition and a picture recognition system. First, it is photographed by an industrial camera installed on the dispensing machine, and then the picture is transformed into an electronic signal and transmitted to the picture recognition system. Then, after the analysis and calculation of this system, the position of the product to be dispensing is determined Set and the position where dispensing is needed, so that no dispensing position error or excessive dispensing amount will occur.
  The dispensing machine with automatic identification function and the common dispensing machine are not at the same level at all, and the dispensing machine with automatic identification function can prevent the product from being randomly distributed without fixing the product to a place for dispensing, because the automatic identification function can identify the position of the product to be dispensing, and the dispensing speed of this dispensing machine can reach To 200 mm / s, the accuracy of repeated positioning can reach 0.05 mm.
  With this function is generally known as visual dispensing machine, visual dispensing machine is a more advanced dispensing equipment, if you need to contact us.