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Silicone coated mobile phone battery developed by China

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  In the manufacturing process of mobile phone battery, it needs to be coated with glue to insulate and protect the battery, and it also has certain heat dissipation function, which is very good for mobile phone battery coating, but it needs to meet the requirements of mobile phone battery coating technology, so as to achieve such requirements. We have researched and developed this type of machine.
  The cell phone battery area is small, it needs high dispensing technology, and the coating must be accurate, otherwise the battery will fail. The battery belongs to dangerous goods, which kind of explosive products, each environment can not be wrong, or the consequences are unimaginable. The dispensing technology used is also good. We have made a visual dot according to the requirements of the current cell phone battery for dispensing technology Glue machine, is a machine with high precision, with visual control dispensing function, positioning dispensing, very accurate.
  The visual dispensing machine is used for cell phone battery gelatinization, which can directly meet my requirements for dispensing accuracy. The industrial camera is used to clean and identify the dispensing position, and then the sensor technology is used to transmit the information to the computer end, and then the computer end controls the dispensing. The overall process is only generated in 1-2 seconds. The computer processing information is fast, and the dispensing speed and accuracy can be transmitted to PLC software To solve this problem, this is the dispensing equipment we developed for cell phone battery coating.
  The visual dispensing machine is the best dispensing equipment in our company. It has high precision and fast dispensing function. It is the most perfect equipment at present. It can achieve streamline dispensing production. It is a technical type made according to the width of the assembly line. It is very different from the traditional automatic dispensing machine.