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Which machine is efficient for PCB solder paste?

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  Which machine is used for solder paste spot on PCB with high efficiency? It must be a visual dispensing machine. This machine is the best automatic dispensing machine at present. It adopts spray dispensing technology. The dispensing speed is calculated in seconds of zero, which is very fast. Of course, the cost is also very high. A visual dispensing machine that can be used in the production line has a cost of about 100000 to 150000, which is estimated on the spot I know.
  There is no way to use the visual dispensing machine. It can be used in other types of machines with high cost performance. For example, the cost of desktop dispensing machine is about thirteen thousand. With the plunger type dispensing valve and pressure barrel, the dispensing speed is still three to four times that of the manual, and the speed is guaranteed, and the dispensing effect also meets the needs of the manufacturer, with accuracy, speed and quality The quantity can be consistent with the technical requirements of the manufacturer.
  The dispensing valve with high viscosity glue dispensing function should be used for solder paste dispensing. Because the mobility of solder paste is relatively poor, the 3131 dispensing valve is used. The dispensing smoothness is relatively low, which is not conducive to solder paste dispensing. Therefore, it can be matched with the official recommended plunger dispensing valve. The dispensing accuracy can be controlled within the range of 0.1mm, and the dispensing flow can also be adjusted according to the requirements of the circuit board dispensing. Although the desktop dispensing machine The degree of automation is not comparable to that of the visual automatic dispensing machine, but this disadvantage can be remedied manually. When the machine finishes dispensing and manually places products, the dispensing speed problem is still solved, the difficulty of manual production is reduced, and the production speed of products is accelerated.
  Table top dispenser and plunger type dispenser are used to spot solder paste on the circuit board. We have already had successful cases. After dispensing, we move it to the soldering machine, and then solder it. No manual work is needed. Manual soldering is slow. Basically, the soldering machine is drag soldering, with fast speed and good solder joints. This is a combined way of dispensing. The cost is about 30000 to 40000 yuan It's more direct than a hundred thousand automatic dispensing machine. We have two products. We are mature in dispensing technology of circuit board.
  It's not difficult to spot solder paste. As long as the problem of poor fluidity is solved, it can basically spot. For the requirement of dispensing accuracy of circuit board, it can be solved with plunger type dispensing valve and precision controller. If not, it can be replaced with high-precision dispensing valve. Generally, desktop dispensing machine with plunger type dispensing valve can solve the dispensing problem.