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The feasible scheme of filling glue for power transformer

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   The glue filling of power transformer can be used for protection and water-proof. It is mainly used for filling the coil and shell. Before the glue filling process, we need to know the specification and glue type of the power transformer. In our actual production experience, take one of the specifications of 200 * 160 * 85mm as an example to tell you how to glue the power transformer and adjust the glue filling path.
  According to the specifications, a floor type dispenser needs to be produced. As the transformer filling rubber usually uses two-component silica gel, it needs to be mixed. This dispenser is a double liquid dispenser, which is convenient to realize glue mixing in the dispensing process without manual mixing. The floor type double liquid dispenser has the advantages of large working platform, and it can fill power transformer in batches, Production is very convenient, and easy to take and put, but also convenient dispensing and glue curing.
   The double liquid dispensing machine can program a batch of transformer glue filling paths at one time, which only needs to be programmed once, can be used for life, and can store 999 files. If you have 999 products of different specifications, a double liquid dispensing machine can do it. The machine can also produce continuously in 24 hours, with constant working speed and stable quality.
  The design of glue filling path for power transformer is very simple. All the programs are on the handle. As long as the glue filling parameters are programmed, the glue filling can be realized. The glue amount and precision can be controlled by the handle, which is very convenient. The glue water is stored in a pressure bucket and can be added directly if the use amount is not enough. It is very convenient to use Way.