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Hot melt adhesive for LCD TV back panel

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The dispensing of LCD TV is mainly to apply a layer of hot melt adhesive on the back plate, which is used to fix and protect LCD screen. In order to solve the problems in the production process, we have developed a full-automatic dispensing machine specially for the dispensing of TV, which abandons the traditional manual placement of TV back plate, and uses the full-automatic assembly line mode for dispensing, with two hot melt glue dispensing guns, to fill the screen with glue 。
  The desktop type automatic dispensing machine is refitted, the control system is changed into PLC control system, which is operated by computer. The dispensing arm is installed above the assembly line, with two adjustment modes. The end of the mechanical arm of the dispensing valve device is convenient for moving back and forth, which is more conducive to the dispensing of the television. The display screen needs to be coated with three layers of glue.

  Glue parameter adjustment and angle control

  The glue filling control is all controlled by PLC system, with accurate parameter control and good control effect. Therefore, the existing glue coating technology is actually used. The sensor device is installed in the assembly line, and the TV moves to a fixed position, it will stop, and then the glue is applied. The two guns are carried out at the same time, with high speed and convenience. Although the hot-melt glue is used, it is not limited by the amount of glue, and all the existing glue is used The production heating pump can store 20 liters of hot melt glue at one time. During the use, it can also fill glue, which is very convenient to use.
  No desktop type full-automatic dispensing machine is used for screen glue filling, because the way of through glue filling control is not as high as that of existing assembly line production, so the effect of screen glue filling is faster than that of assembly line production. As the requirement of TV glue dispensing is not very high, as long as the hot melting point glue valve that meets the width requirement is configured properly, the glue dispensing can be realized, so the double guide rail dispensing machine has fallen behind Rubber control can not top, now the new automatic machine is powerful.