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Daily maintenance method of double liquid glue injection mac

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  The development of industrial technology is getting better and better, and the requirements for glue injection are getting higher and higher. The manual glue injection has gradually failed to meet the production demand. Only when the automatic glue dispensing technology is used, can the technical requirements of the existing manufacturers be met. In order to make the glue injection technology continuously achieve high-precision glue dispensing, the routine maintenance of the glue injection machine needs to be carried out. Today's editor tells you what problems need to be maintained.
  The double guide rail dispenser needs to change the glue when dispensing on the TV. First, turn off the switch of the machine, open the fixing device with the heat-resistant gloves, take out the glue, and then place the new glue. To see whether there is glue leakage inside, make sure that there is no glue inside the hot-melt glue dispensing valve. This kind of use is simpler, and it is easier to change the glue, and it is easy to control System, pay attention to prevent scalding.
  The daily maintenance of the glue injection machine also involves other parts, dispensing needles, rubber tubes, mechanical shafts and controllers, especially the mechanical shafts. After a period of time, lubricating oil needs to be added. The dust in the factory is relatively large, and the dust in the mechanical shaft will increase the back and forth friction coefficient, which is not conducive to the glue dispensing of the machine in the TV set, reducing the service life of the mechanical shaft, and it is better to custom clean the dust.
  Hot melt adhesive can be directly filled in from the dispensing valve, which is relatively simple. Some use pressure buckets and dispensing valves, but cleaning is a little more troublesome. The pipeline also needs to be cleaned. After the glue is ordered, the residual glue in the pressure bucket needs to be cleaned. It can be cleaned with clear water or glue remover, cleaning together with the pipeline and glue valve, saving the cleaning cost and placing the clean water under pressure The power barrel, just like the ordinary dispensing, is cleaned after operation. It can't be cleaned just by applying hot melt glue or using dispensing syringe.