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Dispensing scheme of smart phone

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  Dispensing is not a big thing for smart phones. Dispensing is good for mobile phone protection. For example, using silica gel for dispensing, because silica gel solidifies and solidifies, it is soft. The mobile phone falls to the ground and plays a role of separation. The glue also fixes the internal parts of the glue and has the function of heat dissipation.

  Smart phone dispensing

  In general, smart phones only use silica gel dispenser for dispensing, and then a circle of glue around the frame. Using silica gel dispensing also plays a waterproof role. Currently, all mobile phone industry platforms use dispensing mode, but manufacturers use modified silica gel dispenser, which uses fully automatic assembly line for dispensing, visual positioning dispensing, positioning accuracy, dispensing fine adjustment device simplification Single, good control, accurate dispensing position of each product, very low error, only 0.01mm precision.

  The dispensing accuracy needs to be improved, and the dispensing type changes

  Mobile phone dispensing requires high precision. From desktop type silicone dispensing machine to today's visual positioning dispensing machine, the production mode has also changed. With the use of automatic production line, the production technology has been greatly improved. The dispensing fine-tuning device has a lower effect on dispensing effect, so it is no longer suitable for high-precision silicone dispensing machine.
  The dispensing fine-tuning effect is a function that can only be used when the silica gel dispensing machine is used for a second time. As the replacement of the needle will affect the dispensing accuracy, it needs to be readjusted. In order to make simple adjustment, a dispensing fine-tuning device is designed, which can be point-to-point, and then dispensing with the mobile phone, without the need for a single product to point-to-point, such a special method of time.