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How to prolong the service life of automatic dispensing mach

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Automatic dispensing machine plays a very important role in China's industrial production, can help manufacturers to perform a variety of effective dispensing work, small size and high performance are the characteristics of it, is 5-6 times of manual dispensing dispensing efficiency, high precision and low error, can perform long-term dispensing work and not prone to bias. The use of material conversion rate is very high, so consumers will often choose the automatic dispensing machine is the production of auxiliary equipment. Consumers need to pay attention to the service life of automatic dispensing machine, high quality maintenance work can improve the service life of automatic dispensing machine.
After the completion of each dispensing, if the glue needs to be replaced, the old rubber in the residual point rubber tube should be treated first to avoid the reaction between the old glue and the new glue and damage the inner part of the pipe. Check the best automatic pressure source is in a stable working state in each dispensing work is completed, the high quality of the air is usually pure no impurities, if you can not guarantee the high quality of the gas source, it is easy to cause the dispensing work is not stable, such as leak point glue art problem.
In order to improve the service life of automatic dispensing machine, the best of periodic maintenance, cleaning and maintenance work will enhance the working life of the dispensing machine, large cleaning cleaning agents need to choose stimulation low, then the related accessories clean, careful not to choose high irritant glue, and to ensure the cleaning effect can not be to the normal use of accessories, cleaning cycle is relatively long, depending on the actual circumstances.
The maintenance work can effectively reduce the cleaning work of the investment, operator only fine processing can work in automatic dispensing machine after removing the body easily around the dust and foreign matter, if the lubrication of the dispensing of non-compliance can add a high quality lubricant.