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Use of automatic cleaning device of automatic glue filling m

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  The machine type, which has been used for a long time, generally needs to be cleaned, including the full-automatic glue filling machine. Because the glue has solidity and is not cleaned in the first time, it directly causes the internal blockage of the glue filling machine, and the glue filling can no longer be carried out. The existing glue filling machine has automatic cleaning device: the use method is very simple. In the touch screen operating system of the machine, there is an automatic cleaning device, as long as Store the cleaning agent in the third pressure bucket and click to clean it. The mixed glue will be cleaned to avoid the glue solidification.
  According to the needs of the actual production industry, there are also environments where the automatic cleaning device cannot be used. Of course, some machines are not equipped with the automatic cleaning device. The manual cleaning method can save some costs. The manual cleaning method is adopted: after the completion of the automatic glue filling machine, first remove the AB glue mixing pipe on the double liquid dispensing valve and put it into the organic solvent for soaking Next, dissolve the glue and the cleaning solution, and then clean them. The cleaning solution can be reused or replaced with a mixing tube.