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Causes of degumming of AB glue in the empty double liquid di

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  The problem of degumming of AB glue is generally caused by improper storage of glue. The glue itself will change in nature due to the site, temperature, humidity, etc., while AB glue is the curing condition caused by the mixing of two kinds of glue. The essential change of one kind of glue will affect the other, which will directly lead to degumming after dispensing. Let's understand the problem of degumming of AB glue Glue reason:
  1. Gluing products are prone to automatic degumming in winter. Generally, the state and effect of glue in winter are not considered in use. The physical phenomenon of glue is heat expansion and cold contraction. At a certain temperature, the activity of glue will become low, and the setting speed will be slower than that at normal temperature. The dispensing glue is suitable and needs to be carried out at a reasonable temperature to prevent the degumming of AB glue Question appears.
  2. The same is true in hot summer. The storage container used to ensure the glue will increase according to the increase of surface temperature, which will also change the properties of the glue. Some glues can only be stored at normal temperature. High temperature will destroy the viscosity of the glue, thus changing the properties of the glue. For example, 50-60 ℃ is not a high temperature resistant glue, which will soften. After dispensing, the bonding effect will be improved If it fails to achieve the effect, it will lead to the phenomenon of degumming of AB glue, causing the temperature of the area and the environment, and choosing the appropriate glue
  3. The degumming of AB glue is related to its service life. For example, the service life of hot melt glue is very long, and it will not be affected by the temperature. When the paper products are coated, the degumming of the glue will not occur at any time. Generally, the glue also has its service life. Although it is cured, it still has its service life.
  We use the vacuum double liquid dispensing machine to dispensing products. We must be careful in the selection of glue. Glue can directly affect the service life of products and human health. It should be used according to the actual production requirements to avoid problems such as degumming of AB glue.