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Advantages of tabletop dispenser

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  Dispensing machine, also known as glue applicator, glue dropping machine, glue applicator and glue filling machine, is related to the word "glue", which is used for dispensing, sealing and coating glue products. Dispensing machine is a special glue control equipment, which can solve the problem of uneven manual glue output or control failure to meet the standard, and specially produced, single component and double component glue can be dispensing, the same machine, dispensing The advantages of glue machine are incisively and vividly reflected.
  The dispensing machine produced by our company is an automatic machine. The glue is placed in the stainless steel pressure bucket, and the dispensing path is programmed with the handle teaching device. The dispensing machine can automatically move the track, and dispensing, realizing circular arc, straight line, point, three-dimensional and four-dimensional dispensing, etc. coordinate square positioning, each position is fixed, with a special dispensing valve, to achieve accurate glue control and ensure the delivery Glue effect, no drawing, no leakage and no dropping, ensure the glue effect of each product all the time, and ensure the product quality.
  The dispensing machine is suitable for dispensing glue. There are many general fluids, such as paint, glue (silica gel, quick drying glue, single component glue and two-component glue), ink, grease and other fluids, which can be dispensing. The flow control is considerable, meeting the requirements of point, injection, coating and dropping. The dispensing error range of each product is not more than ± 0.02mm, with very high accuracy. General graphic points Glue is easy to handle, which is the advantage of dispensing machine
  With the more mature of dispensing machine automation program, the automation program is higher and higher. It can be operated by single machine and produced together with assembly line, which not only facilitates the production demand of existing manufacturers, but also meets the modern production mode, has the effect of high-speed production, and also meets the production requirements of products. This is the advantage of dispensing machine.