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Sound horn buzzer ring dispensing machine

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There are many products using silica gel, including power supply, batteries, toys, etc. today, what Xiaobian wants to say is that silica gel dispenser is applied to the horn voice ring dispensing. In the horn, there is a vibration film, which needs to be coated with a layer of glue, and then pasted, which can improve the sound quality of the horn and protect the sound film from being damaged by the horn.
There is a great relationship between the sound quality of the horn and the diaphragm. Both the high and low voice are produced by the diaphragm vibration. What does this have to do with dispensing? Glue is applied on the sound film for one circle, which can fix the sound film without air leakage. The vibration amplitude is large, the vibration sound is loud, but there is no noise, and the service life is long. Why some speakers have enough price, mainly on the sound ring, do a good job of sound film gluing, and the sound quality of the speakers is greatly improved.
Silica gel dispenser can apply a layer of glue on the horn, and then place the sound film. The width of glue can be applied according to the size of the sound film. The requirements for the application circle of big horn and small horn are different, but the size of silica gel dispenser can be controlled. Production steps: place the horn on the silica gel dispenser, and then apply the circle, then place the sound film, and press gently, and then the horn voice circle dispensing is completed.
The use of silicone dispenser is very simple. The glue can be stored in a pressure bucket. The dispensing valve can be used for dispensing, and 300ml silica gel can be used for mounting. There are methods to fix it directly in the silicone dispenser. There are many ways to use it, and the glue control is accurate. This is our silicone dispenser, which completely meets the requirements of the manufacturer for dispensing the horn voice ring! You can ask for proofing for free